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This Muslim Family Performed Last Rites Of Their Hindu Employee

In Bihar, a Muslim family played out the last rituals of a Hindu man, setting an illustration of public congruity.

In Bihar, a Muslim family played out the last ceremonies of a Hindu man, setting an illustration of collective congruity. A video showing Mohammad Rizwan Khan conveying Ramdev Sah’s body on a coffin has surfaced via web-based entertainment.

Mr Sah used to work at Mr Rizwan’s hosiery outlet in Patna. He worked at the shop for a long time and was dealt with like an individual from the family.

Mr Sah kicked the bucket at 75 years old last week. He was incinerated by Hindu customs by Mr Rizwan and his loved ones.

Numerous Muslim neighbors were additionally present during the last customs.

Local people say that Mr Sah came to Mr Rizwan’s shop over twenty years prior and he was intrigued by his straightforwardness.

He resembled my dad. At the point when he came to my shop searching for a task, he probably been around 50. I let him know you won’t have the option to accomplish weighty work. Mr Sah let me know that he is great in bookkeeping and can deal with the books,” Mr Rizwan said.

As age found him and Mr Sah couldn’t play out his obligations, I requested that he take rest. I likewise let him know that his compensation will be paid and he doesn’t need to stress over anything,” he added.

Mr Rizwan said that Mr Sah resembled a watchman.


He additionally remarked on the continuous collective conflicts, saying that this isn’t the real essence of people. “What is being displayed on TV doesn’t portray the right picture. At the point when a kid gets harmed we don’t request their religion, we give medical aid. Essentially, Hindus go to our capabilities and we go to theirs.”